Software Analysis and Design

Our background is in software development on a diverse set of projects from basic web development, advanced embedded IOT and artificial intelligence.  We have contracts and current customers in business solutions development and these services form a solid customer advantage for contracting.

Architecture Support

We offer a series of tailored services for very reasonable prices on looking at how a customers technology is put together.  We recommend ways to improve the technology and provide more format communications of design to higher level executives.  We help bridge the gap between corporate strategic goals and technical implementation.

Technical Advising

Our customers find the best part of doing business with CCS is the depth of knowledge on a vast number of technical disciplines.  We love to talk and though our advising service allows customer to get first hand knowledge on the latest technology and the most up to date trends.  This is not specially a service we charge for, but one we include with being a partner and associate with our evolved company.

Software Development Subcontrating

Software has evolved very quickly and the number of options on packaged software solutions is overwhelming.  Each product suite has strengths and weaknesses while choosing the wrong one can lead to less than optimal results.  The future of software will bring highly configurable technologies which will still require advanced technical capabilities to implement. The trend will continue until software starts to built itself based of a specific business requirements.

Cloud Systems

We know the benefits of the cloud be most likely do not understand the wide array of things services like AWS and Azure bring to the market.  We offer  objective points of view that works in your interests and find solutions that your competitors are already taking advantage of.


Next Steps…

Call us today.  We would love to discuss your technology.  Our passion we do not put a price tag on and see that as a value add for doing business with CCS.